Success Stories

"I am a Preschool Teacher that suffered from painful neck pain that would convert into a strong headache about once a month before seeing Dr. Hance. Before coming to Hance Chiropractic I took over-the-counter medication, and had to lay down and close my eyes to get relief. My head and neck pain very much interrupted normal life and it was very hard to perform normal tasks, it was a struggle to work once neck and head pain began. Since my treatment with Dr. Hance, I had only one headache! Other back pain has also decreased. Don't wait to make an appointment! Treatment has signicantly improved my day-to-day life and hopefully it can do the same for you." E. M.

" I am a retired R.N. who came to Dr. Hance with rib cage pain, neck pain, headaches, and back pain.  I was unable to continue exercising, I needed help with all housework, etc. I always was in pain even with pain medication. Since starting my care with Dr. Hance I am able to start activities up again. I use the treadmill one hour daily. Pain decreasing / headaches decreasing. This is my first experience with a Chiropractor. Dr. Hance has been wonderful. She is patient, gentle, and very caring. Her staff is wonderful and also take interest in each patient. I can't thank them enough. ( After my car accident, when I was in the E.R., it was a Physician Assistant who recommended a Chiropractor over a Doctor. He was right.)" P. G.

"I found about Dr. Hance from a friend. When I first came to see Dr. Hance I had extreme pain in my left leg and hip, lasting longer each time it occurred,  numbness in the left side of my face and high blood pressure. Nothing worked for relief. When my pain occurred, I couldn't even stand up. I have not had any episodes of pain in my leg or hip since my first visit to Dr. Hance. The numbness in my face is completely gone and my blood pressure has dropped twenty points. I understand that chiropractic care cannot cure every medical condition, however, I have to say Dr. Hance has eliminated every problem I reported to her. I highly recommend anyone with similar problems like mine, give Dr. Hance a try."R.P.

" I first found out about chiropractic from my friends and co-workers. When I first came to see Dr. Hance I was feeling old. I could hardly walk or sit and I couldn't sleep. I had tried ibuprofin and a heating pad with no relief. Now, after chiropractic care I feel young again. I can walk, work and sleep. I even feel taller. It was only three days before I was free of pain. Dr. Hance explained my problem to me and helped me understand what needed to be done." S. J.

 " I had tried many things for my pain, including physical therapy, and nothing worked until I came to Dr. Hance. In a short time of following her advise and care plan, I feel GREAT!" S. M.

 "When I first came to Hance Family Chiropractic my neck and low back hurt very bad. Prior to coming I tried pain medicine with no real change. Now after chiropractic care, I feel a lot better. I definitely feel it has changed my life. I even feel less stress! It was only one visit before I started to notice a change. I really feel that Dr. Hance understands my problem and what needs to be done." D. R.

" Prior to coming to Family Chiropractic, I was feeling really bad. I could hardly walk or work. I had tried pain meds, gone to the medical doctor, used a heating pad with no relief. Then I went to Dr. Hance. She did an exam, listened to me about my problem, explained the care that I needed. I feel 100% better. I have more energy and I am not afraid to move. I trust Dr. Hance to give me the care I need." K. W.

"I had pain in my inner thigh that went into my abdomen. I had to ace wrap to give myself enough support to walk. I went to my D.O. and had x-rays and an ultrasound. No problems were found. I was to continue with the ace wrap and ice. Dr. Hance adjusted my lower back and pelvis and it relieved a lot of pain. I was able to take off the wrap and no longer needed meds. I had a follow up with Dr. Hance a few days later and my pain was totally gone. I continue my Chiropractic care and feel so good. Chiropractic really does work. Truly believe. C.K"